Sunday, November 25, 2007

painting - once again

Oh, hi. s'been a while eh?
So, I just wrote Mechanical Electrical on Friday. For those of you interested it was a very hard exam. I was ready for it. Ask me anything in the study material and I had it. Unfortunately around 40% of the questions were from somewhere like Mars. Completely off the map.

Anyways. Being a mom and working is hard. Being a mom and trying to write professional exams and working is hard. Being a mom, trying to work, write registration exams, still be human, creative and inspired is...well...don't even go there.

The night after my exam, I painted a picture. I dedicate every minute I have since that exam to enjoying the pretty, and lovely things in life. (which, for your information, does not include boiler systems, or three phase! if only they had asked about boilers and transformers...sigh)

Every minute I spend with my nose in a very fat book, I remind myself that I am doing this because I firmly believe the world needs more women architects. It needs more mothers who are Architects. In my work, and in my home life I feel sometimes like everything I am doing is unprecedented...even though there have been lots of other professional women, its just not the norm in my circles...

One day I will be able to offer something to someone, that will make this work worth it. Its that knowledge in side me that keeps me going. If you know some way that a woman, mother, creative architect can offer something to the world, you can let me know. That will keep me going through the "contract documents exam", and the "predesign exam". If not, I'll just have to find that inner xi, and go from there.

I know this is worth it....I just feel it in my gut, and thats all I got to go on right now.

And here is a painting of roses, and a tractor. for all your metaphorical needs:

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