Sunday, December 02, 2007

crochet - fingerless mitts

I made myself some mitts. Finally. I was inspired by these ones soulemama made. But I'm too cheap to buy the book, and hey - I can't knit anyways. Once a crocheter - always a little defensive I guess. Maybe its cuz theres like 200 knitting books and couple crochet ones, and most of them look like they are from the 1970's, (which could be cool, except its not.)

So I made these ones up. I had a little trouble as they are fitted, and, well everything else Ive made has been rather loose. I also used two colours...TWO COLOURS! I even amaze myself sometimes. You may notice they are both different. I thought it would look cool. No one has told me otherwise, and if you don't, then I'll be none the wiser.

So, like, I would tell you how I made them, 'cept I forgot. I really need to write these things down. I'm going to make some more. Maybe I'll write it down then. You know what? Its actually slightly comical when I go to make the second mitt and I can't remember how I did the first...but they turned out remarkably similar...I think theres a fluke bug going around.

Anyways. These are the best things. I'm going to rename them mamma-mitts, as I haven't taken them off. Doing up kids jackets, with mitts on, is rather irritating, if not impossible.

I sort of feel bad with no instructions. So, I should get on that. I mean theres no reason we all shouldn't have some crochet fingerless mitts.

PS, notice all the punctuation and apostrophes? I'm really working on the typo thing...


Kirsten said...

Hi Angie

Thanks again for coming to my party! It was great to see you- Naomi was really impressed with your mits. I think that you should send her your blog- she is one of my favorite advocates for community AND community crafting. i told her about your craft night and she may want to come. I don't know how to pass on yor blog- here is her e-mail

luv k

Nadia said...

Hi there,

I just wanna let you know, love your fingerless mitts!!!

Uhmm... just wondering... I know that you forgot and didn't write down on how to make them, but is there anyway you could remember parts of them???

I really like the bottom part of the mitts, you know, the wrist-forearm part. So, is there anyway you could tell me on how to make
it with that particular pattern???

Thank you.