Sunday, December 02, 2007

favorite toys - backpack

OK, so I'm not sure that the back pack is a favorite toy, but it sure gets a lot of attention around here. Inspired by my friend's post about their favorite toys, I'm going to do a couple on this topic.

The Pooh bear, does come up there on the list. no idea why hes picked this over the other stuffies, but its the softest, so maybe that explains it.

OK, so I'm going to fess up here. The fact is, we are not an all natural house. We have toys that take batteries, including a pink rock and roll guitar- that lights up and plays twangy dance tunes, and has girl voices that say "what-ever", we have talking- flashing toys, drum-kits, and many more unmentionables. In the name brand department we have transformers and the imaginarium trainset (well, it arrived this week).

So, puritans, I'm sorry if I let you down. The fun thing is, all these toys get mixed with the 'natural toys', with a bag of stones from the dollar store, my yoga swing, and the all time favorite backpack. The world is a crazy place with lots in it. We try to get the most out of it all (and I vow not to let myself get too worried about any of it.) I spend my time filtering so, so so much, with TV, junk food, sexual imagery, negative and demeaning attitudes towards children... I just let go a little in the toy department.

So here it is: Pooh bear in the backpack. (anything to do with the many hours spent in mamma's many wraps and slings? perhaps. I like to think so...)

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