Monday, December 17, 2007

one more down

I wrote Contract Documents this morning. That would be number 8 (not counting those I will do again...)

So, since I'm done that little adventure in contracts and liabilities, its time to go to the library. I took out a couple montessori books, and M took out a couple...books! (Daddy got a few comics too! fun for the whole family!)

(notice Fiona is in these pictures? shes such a poser! - but so cute, I don't even notice shes in the pictures till I get them on the computer...shes so inconspicuous!)

I set up this little table for M to get ready for bed. We have a pretty well grounded bed time routine, but the toothbrushing episode is, well, quite dramatic and unpleasant. Having a good friend who is a dentist makes me all the more aware of the importance of tooth brushing. Setting up this table really, really, really helped. M didn't want to get down for a really long time! He loves little tables and chairs his size, and the mirror really helped him focus on what he was doing. I demonstrated first and he was so eager to do it himself he couldn't wait for me to finish! Anyways, after having to battle to even get the brush between the lips this was great - and he let me take a turn get the ones at the back too!

I'm pretty excited about this little "activity center" based around grooming. I put a comb there too, also its good for hand and face washing. We also light a candle and say our prayers before bed here too. I'm going to set more of these little kid activity centers around the house - I just need some more small tables and chairs... we are going to have so much fun! a kitchen table - for washing dishes, a laundry table...a craft table, a learning table, a reading table...hmmm, maybe I need a bigger house...

Actually I should point out I made the little station from a little coffee table we had in the spare room, a chair off the porch, a bedroom mirror and its located on the stair really its pretty efficient overall. What fun!

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