Thursday, January 03, 2008

baby painting

So. I am so excited to show you this. M and I did this painting together, and it now hangs in our kitchen. We had do much fun making it. I am desperate to get another canvas and do it again!
What makes this painting different is that I allowed M to paint however and wherever (on the canvas) he liked, but I was in charge of choosing and mixing colours. I also limited the amount of paint as we got into the top layers. I made the paint transparent using acrylic medium and water so that the layers below would show up. I also changed up the paint brush size as we went...

I saved paint from when we painted the kitchen and used this in the painting, so it matches perfectly.

The painting is 28" x 28" and painted in acrylic.

M was so into painting this. We would do a layer a day, sometimes two. Using a big canvas made the project more special, and helped M stay on the workspace...which is helpful when the alternative is the kitchen floor! And here is the finished painting: (The colours are subtle and hard to photograph, especially in this winter light...the depth and layers are a little stronger in real life...IMO!)

And here is the little artist taking a cuppa, while he ponders the deeper things in life.

I'm thinking of doing this as a business. I could come over for an hour every week and mix the paint and do a little education on abstract art (depending on kids age) and let them paint their parents a great master piece for over the couch or fire. Wud'ya think - a viable business idea, or just my daydreaming?


Erika Hastings said...

That is so amazing! It takes a lot of courage to paint with kids (especially with acrylics that don't wash out so easily) but the results were so beautiful. I can see that you guys had a great time together and your creativity and letting go of control really shine through.

Hoogli art said...

that's so great!!!!!! I love the painting, what a great idea!