Thursday, January 03, 2008

Family reunion: A murder. (mystery?)

One of the many great activities over the weekend was a murder mystery that my sister wrote for us to perform. She was giving it a trial run as she is going to be running it in Edmonton as a fund raiser for street kids. Shes renting an old mansion and having live actors run people through the house where the mystery is set. There will be props set up through the house, and I'm sure it will add to the drama of it all! We all had a great time making costumes and partaking. Some of us suited the parts so well, we couldn't tell if we were acting - or not! Great fun and mystery was had! Thanks Ms. Violet for the tea, cake and use of your house! What a fantastic setting. So if your wondering what to do with all your family over Christmas you can always use a little murder to keep you entertained!

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