Thursday, January 24, 2008

how I make fingerless mitts

So I make a rectangle shape like this. I first make the band, to wrap tight around your wrist. I make this using a single stitch where you only cast into the back side of the stitch each time. Then I work single stitches into the top row of the band. I add a couple stitches on each end to make room for the bulk of your thumb. After enough rows to get from the top of your wrist to the crease in your thumb I back off like four stitches on each side and keep going till the knuckles.

then I fold in half and stitch like this:

(leave a hole for the thumb)

It should look like this:

and like this on the other side:

but then...I do the thumb. Now this is very that I do it different each time. And I gave the gloves away before taking a photo of them finished, so you have to look at the other ones I did...

For the thumb I basically single stitch around the hole adding and subtracting to make it slant upwards on the same angle as the thumb. This basically means stitching back and forth at the bottom enough times to catch op to the top and then just go around and around. You can decrease quite a few stitches at the top, as its nice for the thumb hole to be nice and snug around the top.

OK, thats it. Not really a pattern, but Its the best I got.

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Erika Hastings said...

nice tutorial! i don't have any idea how to do any of that, but it looks fun.