Thursday, February 07, 2008


to get back to my blog! I have so many ideas for posts running thru my head. Unfortunately our 4 (yes 4) computers have yet to give me the opportunity. Let me tell you the boring details. One laptop is computer has linux operating system (which wont let me upload pics) one laptop is DH's and I never get a chance at it (even though I bought it...hmmm?) and the last one has been moved to accomodate the connection to the HD TV from the laptop...which has meant the internet cable just wont reach accross the room. So there you have it...frustration!

But the ideas are brewing for tpoic...but which one first?

mamacomic comics
much about suburbia and urban sustainability
more crochet?
japanese patterns to purchase
comic reviews - superman, batman, zombies???
more cooking?

and these are to list a few...

anyways, hope you are all keeping warm, and your computers are working well! I'll get on this as soon as I can find a moment to spare...(not sure I know what that means anymore...)

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