Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ane Brun

Sometimes this Blog seems sorta narcissistic. But here I go. Im going to tell you about my favorite song. Ahh, the bliss of being able to type about myself without you would interrupt anyways...

OK, so here it is: Ane Brun - "This Voice".

I adore this song. OOOOh, its so lovely. Its like if my heart was made of of little strings each note would pluck one of them until I would be all a flutter! So gorgeous. I honestly have no intellectual rationality about music like this. Its just some chords resonate with my being, and whether its good or bad music, well, I cant tell, I just submit to its rapture....sigh.

OK, enough gush. I found this song on Last (a great way to find music you like) But at that time I could only find this song on itunes and some other live versions. (Oh, and a song she did with Ron Sexmith - "Song no. 6" which is actually a pretty cute song too.)

But that album - "A Temporary Dive" only just became available on itunes. She has just released an album called "Changing of the Seasons". It is beautiful album. You can hear it on her MySpace. But ALACK! its not available in Canada on itunes!!! (or Amazon!) This is really frustrating! Maybe you can buy it in the record store - but hard copies are more expensive, and I just live in this place called the BURBS where I detest leaving the comfort of my day to day routine for fear of witnessing the hellish monster of sprawl. I am used to the convenience of the internets!

So, when it is available I will purchase it - cuz, she's so wonderful. But for now I make do with a digital copy I got from a secret source.

OK, enough confessions. Let me wax poetic.

Honestly I have to say Im a sucker for female vocalists. My itunes has many the likes of Feist, Joni Mitchel, A Fine Frenzy, Roisin Murphy, Cat Power, Martha Wainwright, and Patty Griffin. I love them all. But Ane Brun has such a wonderful voice, that combines that country twang that gets me soul like Dolly Parton, but mixed with an angelic ethereal sound that is totally contemporary. I find she has the right combination of sweeping soothing instrumentals to bring you up, but combined with a little dissonance to take you back from ever getting near feeling queezy. Her lyrics are thoughtful and never awkward. Its basically acoustic folk, but with some bells, twangs, and rich instrumentals that make the music complex and simple at the same time. OOOOHH LA LA. Im going to listen to this album a lot.

K'. If you've read to now, you atleast should go listen to see what Im talking about. Im going to write to Jian and see if he would interview her. I'd love to know why the heck she's not available in Canada.

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