Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jian post

when I got my new computer I really wanted to start making a post every day. Not because I had so much to talk about, but because I was hoping it would help me sort out things in my brain - like keeping a record of what Im doing, and thinking about. So far so good, but I also knew I would come to days like today when I have little planned, and really, cant think of much to talk about. I think its days like that that really help one sort out the brain....
Oh, I just thought of something. I have been meaning to make a post about my newest discovery 0f Jian Gomeshi. He had a radio show weekday afternoons on CBC radio one. 
I have to admit I love this show - its called "Q"
Firstly, Jian has an amazing radio voice. I prefer it to any of the other announcers. He just sounds so smooth. And then the people he interviews are truly fascinating, and he never skips a beat with his rapor with them. I find the other guests he has come on - like the download-down-low dude, and the resident CBC geek to be entertaining as well. Anyways, for a little entertainment update and to find out what's new in Canadian arts scene I would check this show out. And I mean, how can you resist...Jian has such great hair!
Oh, and I download the podcast so that I can start and stop as I like, and listen when ever I want...its easier...but if you want the radio it is... just pick a time zone and you are set.
I have to say I have listened to his interview with Ornette Coleman three times. I love Ornette's answers and the way he challenges Jian, and us listeners. I keep listening to it, cuz I know there's something in there I really need to understand...I just haven't got it yet. I think its something spiritual. There is a special uncut podcast available, just scroll down the options.

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