Wednesday, March 19, 2008

another woman with 'tude

wow, Im tired! This week has been really full. But then every week is full! I am busy at work, which is really a good thing. The kid is happy with his care. They make easter eggs and go to the park, and he loves the other children there, so that relieves some stress. I have been having fun cooking, baking bread, painting with the kid in the evening. DH has been very busy with school. Its getting near to the end of the semester, and thats always trickier. 

If you are wondering why I am drawing random women, its because I am practicing for my comic. Which is, well, always in the background. I have been working on a story, but writing isn't my strong suit. I am three quarters through the second issue, and the GN will have four. I am not sure it will all be very coherent, so Im gonna need a lot of edits. Anyways, I enjoy gathering visual stuff for it. And, frankly I like drawing women with 'tude. It empowers me! 

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