Thursday, March 20, 2008

happy Naw-Ruz!

Here is a sketch of a bird.

We had a lovely surprise feast at our house today.

Jian wished everyone, including the Baha'is a Happy Naw Ruz on the Radio today. Im sure he was talking to our family!

Everyone is talking about spring, but Ive yet to really feel it.

Im hoping to spend more time in barefeet, smelling the grass soon.  

Every day has its joy and it mystery...I found the keys I lost under my keyboard at work today. This brought me great joy, as I can now get into my own house.

Apparently tomorrow is a full moon, so there is some sort of Islamic holiday, its Naw Ruz for Persians and Baha'is, the Christians are commemorating Good Friday, apparently there is a Jewish holiday tomorrow too, and its the spring equinox for all the atheists, agnostics, or pagans. I think God (or whatever higher power you believe in...) will be busy tomorrow! Enjoy!

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Kamilla said...

That's lovely - thank you for tying it all together so beautifully!