Sunday, March 30, 2008

birthday dinner

oh wow, do we eat well over here! I mean, maybe everyone eats this well, but until about a month ago, I was definitely not a part of this world of good food! I mean I ate it - I just didnt make it - and definitely not daily! Ever since we made this effort to improve the food in our house, we have seen really tremendous results...first there was buying our meat from local farmers - organic bison and elk and chicken. Then we started cooking with herbs and delicious ingredients (with the help of Jamie Oliver) And now, baking our own bread... (more on that later)

Anyways, last week for my birthday dinner we had friends over, and we had a lovely feast. So, here is the menu from that night. Everything is very simple. We made the whole thing in about an hour after we got home from work - timing was a little tricky but it worked out. Just make sure you put the rice on to cook first, and wash and chop the carrots...
(Oh and I sprouted the mung beans about four days before, so that they were ready..mmmmmm!) 


In mortar and pestle grind together:
Lemon rind

Rub onto Salmon, slice lemon on top of salmon, cook as per instructions on package

Jamie’s carrots:

Peel and slice carrots lengthwise and in half

“carrots boiled with orange, garlic and herbs

Boil the carrots in salted boiling water with a tablespoon of sugar, a knob of butter and a little handful of fragrant herbs, tied up. Parsley, rosemary, thyme, bay – use just one or a mixture. Cut an orange into eighths and add them to the water, along with a few whole garlic cloves in their skins. If you really want to be a little tiger, add a pinch of cumin as well (seeds or ground) – it subtly cuts through with the most wonderful flavour. As soon as you drain the carrots you can throw them into a baking tray with the chopped-up orange and the garlic cloves and roast them at 200°C/400°F/gas 6 for 10 minutes – this will give you a slightly meatier flavour.” (from Jamie Oliver’s website)

Brown rice:

Cook brown rice – 2.5 cups rice + 4.75 cups water
Boil and lower heat for 45 mins

Toast mung sprouts and pine nuts in oil in a pan

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