Tuesday, April 01, 2008

big news!

Above is babe #2. My precious little guy.

Anyways, I also thought you all should know how excited I am about this Thursday.

Hold your breath this is a big one...(maybe not as big as the babe...but...) Jian and the Q crew are comming to Calgary! They are recording their show live downtown at a free show. Mark and I already have a babysitter booked. This is big.

OK, thats all the news for today. Oh, we are looking for baby names - of the male gender. We're open for suggestions, but quite picky (since we have to choose only one) so please, no hurt feelings that our baby son is not named after your favorite uncle...or aunt.

OK, and also so that pic of the birthday dinner may not look so appetizing, but truly it was!


Cameron D. said...

I'd suggest the name Cam ... but their is probably enough Cam's around already ... ;-)

Hoogli art said...

Congratulations!!! I didn't know you were preggers! do you know it is a boy? when is your due date? our kids are going to be really close in age!

Erika Hastings said...

Wow! congratulations! I haven't been blogging or reading other's blogs for quite some time since I got pregnant myself, but I'm just starting to come out of the hell hole first trimester. Not quite there, but getting better. How far along are you? How are you doing?

I love all the art that you've been doing as well. So inspiring.