Monday, March 10, 2008


OK, sorry for the cryptic message yesterday. Im thinking maybe blog posts before bed isnt always the best idea....but until I get another system going, you have to deal with my pre- sleep incoherence. If you think Im cool should meet me during the day when Im actually awake!! (Thats a joke...really, so sorry)
OK, so we had such a lovely gathering in our home tonight. Friends from many backgrounds and places and religions came to pray for unity. I invited some neighbors and friends. This sounds maybe totally new-age to you, but I think its totally revolutionary. I mean how many times have you been in the homes of your neighbors? or had them into your home? I think that this is a subtle action, but when we know how many places in the world people are torn apart for so many random and seemingly superficial reasons, that for a group of almost strangers to get together and share words of wisdom from the world's great thinkers and spiritual leaders, is pretty cool. Its such a lovely action towards a better world
OK, so thats the philosophy. The actuality is that I need to learn to become a better host. Having grown up with very casual culture, where "my home is your home" means "wash your own plate", and "thirsty? ...the tap's over there"... I am not really prepared to be the host I want to be. I have been in homes where you feel so at ease, and the host makes you feel comfortable, but is not in your face. You just have a lovely time, and don't really realize who is working in the background. I am learning this is a real art, as I want there to be the right mood, I want my guests to feel I am there to talk to them and welcome them, but I also am having a hard time just keeping the place in order. Anyways, I think in this area its practice that will make it easier....and I love having people over, so Im sure I'll get many more chances to improve my skills.

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Cameron D. said...

You're an awesome host! Michelle & I always feel so comfortable in your home (& enjoy the food.) The hugs from Marcel are great too!