Sunday, March 02, 2008

finally! some sunshine!

well, february, being what it is, has been fairly frumpy around here. We have been down with colds and coughs and busy just trying to keep ahead with house work, laundry, and keeping the fridge stocked. We have a Korean girl living with us. She is here to learn english through an international school called Global village. Its lovely having a young person around to share ideas about her culture, and to drink tea with in the evening. All of the students we have had stay with us have been wonderful with Marcel. I am so pleased he will grow up having made friends with so many people from around the world, actually, he'll have made many friends before he's three! 

So, with all that sick-i-ness and such, I thought I'd put in some photos to celebrate the couple days of sun we are having. Yay! for sunshine and art. M particularly enjoys drawing the O's.

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