Monday, March 03, 2008

thanks jamie

Oliver, that is. Thanks to his website we had such an awesome meal tonight I was inspired to write about it. Ever since Ive been pregnant I have had a new interest in food.  I just cant eat the same thing two meals in a row any more. I am craving variety more than anything else. So, today at about 4:00 I decided to check out the only famous cook I know's website and see if I could be inspired. I was. I had to run to the store to buy some steaks, fresh herbs and small red spuds, and we didn't eat till 7:30 - but boy was it good. We sorta changed things from his basic recipe - using asparagus rather than baby leaks, and made our own roasted potato marinade with paprika, and the steaks? well,  Mark sorta just mixed some herbs and spices, hit the bar-B and voila! dinner! (only problem is, the two year old isn't so fond of our fancy cuisine. He'd rather have cottage cheese, apple sauce and scones - which is pretty much what he ate instead...oh well, maybe he'll grow into it)
Anyways, I think we are going to get into Jamie Oliver in a big way over here. I love his vegetable dishes and lots of his recipes seem really quick, easy and different from anything we would have tried here - which is exactly what we're looking for!!!  

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