Friday, March 07, 2008

a sunny day

well, the sun came out today.
We're a little tired from no nap, but happily ready for bed. The kid is finishing his nightly dollop of cottage cheese, and the kitchen is being cleaned by my wonderful husband. (this is the same husband to cut each carrot into individual strings for the carrot and coriander salad that we ate tonight in pitas with sliced pork... but Im not going to talk about food tonight...) 
We did a lot of driving today. Thats one thing I really have a hard time with. When I lived on Vancouver island, we drove a lot, but it was long winding beautiful roads, where we often viewed the sunset... but here, driving is usually on busy, grey roads, with little to look at the butt end of the car in front of you. One more reason to think about another city....
But then there is the fact that my son thinks driving on the highway is a extravaganza of exciting opportunities... to see trains, trucks, tractors, front end loaders, cranes, trailers, Mac trucks, and really any other thing on wheels. Its VERY exciting. The world beyond our driveway must just be an amazing series of incredibly inspiring vehicles to him... I really wish I felt the same way!

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