Friday, April 18, 2008

the bread report

Since buying this book three weeks ago we have not purchased one loaf of bread, but have eaten fresh, soft, tasty bread from our own oven every day.

The book has a method where you make the dough in a big bulk and keep in in the fridge. When you want a loaf you take it out and let it rise and bake it. You dont have to knead the dough at all. There are many recipes in the book for you to try out, but weve been happy with the basic recipe, only using whole wheat flour.

I got the idea from this Blog. She has a pretty successful sewing book from her blog, but she writes about that and everything else. I like her humor and her candid writing about life as a mom. Anyways, she turned me onto this book (and probably hundred of other folks....)

Baking fresh bread daily (and eating it) has been a wonderful part of our home life. We relish our morning toast, and think about how we can make our dinners into sandwiches. We have had friends over and I haven't had time to bake any cookies, but we offer a slice of fresh baked bread with jam and goats cheese and you'd think we'd given them something amazing!!!

Anyways, I'd recommend it, and if you come over some time soon, I'll bake you a loaf!

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