Thursday, April 17, 2008

early morning

I woke an hour early today - on purpose!! What a good idea. Granted, tonight I may be more tired, but hey? When am I not tired in the evening???

I got a chance to draw, to say prayers, and to watch the sun rise. The time flew by so quick though, that I didnt have time to do the 200 other things I had planned, but sometimes, there needs to be space for just me and the morning. I feel so much calmer today!

On nights I work we have been watching downloaded copies of Northern Exposure. Perhaps I have told you this before. What a fun show. First of all, it’s so soft that we can all watch it, and feel relaxed at the end of it. We are all falling in love with the characters. Ed, Chris, Maurice...what fun people. After having lived in the Yukon I am enjoying all the very real references to life up North. Although, there are a few differences: the show has much less depression and alcohol than I remember, but the rest rings amazingly true. I love the way the characters are so complex, and intelligent in quirky ways. I remember people that looked like they were typical small minded people, from small towns, but who actually were global travelers, with higher education and a lot of spunk.

Marcel calls it "the man and the Moop" (he can’t say moose - and the opening with the moose is by far his favorite part.)

Anyways, here’s a toast, to early mornings, moose, and evening chill out time (and Pizza - but I'll get to that later...)

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