Wednesday, April 30, 2008

finding a doctor in Calgary

So I found out yesterday, due to my own mistake, that I do not have a doctor. My family Doctor, a family friend, is moving towards retirement, and she just isn’t around enough to provide what we need. I missed my appointment at the maternity clinic and they are so booked up I can’t make up the appointment until end of July, and since I am due in August, this seems a little bit too crazy. Granted, I see my homeopath regularly, and she keeps a close watch over everything, but there are things she doesn’t do...that need to be!

Now, I realize many people have mid-wives, but here in Alberta they are very expensive, and so they are not in the books, or bank budget for our family. Since I had such a smooth pregnancy and delivery last time, I am not too worried about things, and I take a laid back approach, as I believe child birth is a part of life. But I know I need to get on this...

So, I am looking for a doctor here in Calgary. I have found this site which allows you to plug in requirements and come up with a local doctor who is taking patients. This is very helpful - although, then you have to sift through...

What requirements do I go on? How can I be sure I will be comfortable with a doctor? Are house calls important? What university they went to? When they graduated? I know finding a good doctor that suits your ideals, and you feel cares for your well being can be hard, but should this really be the luxury that it is? I tell you, every time I go into a doctor’s office I wish I had gone into the health care profession. And yet, I know how difficult it is.

Ever since I started going to my homeopath I have felt, for the first time, like my health has been really taken care of, and I have seen the results. I am healthier, stronger, happier, and more resilient to sickness than I have ever been. And being a mom, suddenly being healthy is fundamentally important, not just for me, but my whole family. I love health care that is focused on prevention, but also treats early symptoms, and is focused on keeping us healthy as well as happy. I started going to the homeopath because of thrush in my breast from breastfeeding and after having multiple doctors tell me to quit nursing, or that breastfeeding is just painful, I found homeopathy actually helped. Ridding my body of yeast ever since has been a saga, and hopefully it will be gone before the next baby comes. I will make another post on this soon. And till then, stay healthy!

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Erika Hastings said...

Best of luck with this one! I didn't realize that midwives weren't covered in Alberta yet. So unfortunate. I'm sure you will find what you need.