Thursday, May 01, 2008

maternity leave

I get to spend a year with my babies!!!

OK, this is the wonderful thought that comes every time I think about this new stage in my life. With half our family in school, I just can’t stay home, but with the Canadian system, I can get Maternity leave for one year, and boy I am excited about it! So, in preparation I am starting a wish list. These are things, but they represent new ways of being. I want to really enjoy this year off, and soak in the reality of being a mom, being with my kids, making our little world beautiful, exciting, and full of wonderful lessons. So, I will not actually HAVE these things, but the images represent how I want to BE… get my drift? Besides, right now, being a few months away from that reality, I have to find some sort of way to scratch the mom itch!

An Apron for me…

Well, now that’s domestic!! But after researching Montessori for a while, and thinking – yeah, hey, the front of my shirt does get wet when I wash dishes, or covered in flour when I bake, maybe it’s a good idea after all… I think I’m sold… ‘cept I’ll need one for the kid too… These patterns are avalaible on this website.

And an Apron for him! (this is a unisex little apron and chefs hat that Im sure would go over really well!)

Fabric for curtains and other things around the house

Just look at these beautiful colours! These are from Anna Maria Horner's website. And having painted our kitchen this blue-green colour, I think some pretty bird curtains would be so lovely…

A new wrap

Now this is something I have been planning to buy ever since I found out I was pregnant. I have other wraps, but this time I think its time for a shorty…I want to do back carries from early on with this newbie, as I have been talking to many folks on the baby wearer, and hopefully I can pull it off this time around. I’ll probably go for a Bara Barns, as the colours are so pretty, and they are available on the FSOT site for reasonable prices.

A kitchen center for wet activities:

OK, this will probably be a collection of items around the house (like a small pseudo counter, and a basin) that we make into a center for Marcel to wash dishes, practice cooking, and other kitchen activities. Here is a great post (where I got the above photo from) that shows some nice - in home montessori spaces, like ones we are going to make soon! Hence the apron and chef hat…

Umm, that’s all I can think of for now, but I’m sure this list will grow!


Tara Rout and said...

Angie, do you want me to make you aprons?

Hoogli art said...

yeah for maternity leave! I hope you enjoy everyminute of it!!! I am sure marcel will too!

Erika Hastings said...

Very nice wish list. I'd like those too!

The only issue with the montessori shelves is that once the next little one can pull himself up, all those nice organized things are going to come crashing to the floor!