Thursday, April 10, 2008

a winter day in April

yes, I know I draw myself better than I draw anyone else. Wierd. But I know it because if I am drawing a group of people I can draw myself in a couple seconds and it looks like me, but I fudge and erase and scribble over everyone else's face. My sister and mom are easier to draw too - probably because we look similar. Anyways, we woke us and got ready to go to work, but the snow was too deep. We actually made it like ten blocks from our house, took Marcel to Day home, and turned around, picked him up and went home. Snow like this is very rare in Calgary, usually its too dry or cold for this kind of wet, heavy deep snow. My husband is also very comfortable in snow driving, but even he backed up. After we got home, built a snow man, had hot chocolate and watched some northern exposure in front of the fire, we watched a woman trying to drive out of the cul de sac. eventually her husband came out and pushed her back into the driveway, and she went back inside. Another guy got stuck in the middle of the road and just got out and left his car there all afternoon. No one was going anywhere anyways. This was actually quite a fun adventure. Too bad it will all be melted and we will be back to the craziness tomorrow. It was so nice to have an excuse to do nothing for a while.

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