Saturday, April 12, 2008

family 2

So here it is again. I drew my own face in like a minute, and the other two I labored over. My sister looks a little uptight, she actually looks relaxed in the photo. Well, Im learning.

The snow is melting. The snow man is a pile of wet icy snow. I hope we can find a way to get out today and enjoy the warmth. I don't think its quite time for bikes... yet, but very, very soon.

We had friends over last night. Isn't it wonderful when your friends kids are just amazing companions for your own? They played with screams and giggles all evening and we actually had time to visit!

Well, I plan to plant a bunch of herbs tonight. THe lemongrass I planted is looking kind of drap and I think its the soil quality, but since our worms died I need another source of fertilizer- any suggestions?

Im really looking forward to spring. I don't know if its this house, or our lifestyle, but I used to leave the doors open wide for hours during the day (screens closed of course) and in the evening I never turned on the lights as I love the changing shadows of evening and all the millions of moods that come with each moment that the sun fades. The mornings held a similar joy. With dinner clean up, baths and falling into bed at night, I am not doing this. I am hoping the warmth of spring will let me a few more of those moments.

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Bruce Rout said...

Um, use the dead worms as fertilizer.