Thursday, May 08, 2008

salif keita, global music made easy!!!

OK kids. Heres what you do if you have these symptoms:

1) feeling sad and sort of emo due to the excessive soul stirring, but slightly depressing music on your itunes.
2)feeling really tired of listening to the same songs played over and over on shuffle, even though you have like 500 songs in there...go figure?
3)needing some up lifting music for you and your kid to dance to
4)you need a cultural facelift (er - ear lift?)

Now, this is for those of you who dont really have a bunch of great "Putumayo" CD's or a well versed knowledge of global music (like me.)

1)First you need to get your computer attached to some decent speakers.
2) you need to download Last FM. I've told you this before...
3) now type in "salif keita" as an artisit.
4) now listen all day long to beautiful african and international music, and never hear a song twice...

Salif Keita is a singer from Mali who has made it big internationally. His music is famous enough to have a big station on last FM which means you can listen for a long time to all sorts of great now go, and enjoy! We sure do!

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