Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sir Ken Robinson, creative education

Maybe I am a bit behind on this, but a woman I work with put me onto this guy. She is an architect specializing in cultural buildings, and promoting them in towns and cities. She gave a presentation yesterday at my firm about a conference she was at called "creative construct". The lack of creativity and culture in the built environemnt is part of the reason I am so saddened by where I live.

This talk by Sir Ken Robinson is truly amazing. You must all watch it. He is funny, but to the point. Our schools and priorities are killing the creativity in our children. As I look for a new dayhome for my son, and consider homeschooling, unschooling, Waldorf, montessori, public school, french emersion, I cant help but feel very moved by what this man has to say... click on the link below, and enjoy.

Sir Ken Robinson's talk

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Cameron D. said...

That was a great video!

I've watched a few of these TED talks over the year ... would be really interested in attending one of them.