Tuesday, May 13, 2008

cloth diapering

OK, so I admit I have used disposables with Marcel. I feel bad about this, everytime I throw another one out. I also realize that I am completely out of touch with his rhythms and this is making potty training really difficult. SO. I will rid myself of this guilt and I will fall in love with cloth diapering. Its a lifestyle choice I am excited to make. I have been researching. Now I have way, way, way too many questions!

what do do at night?
whats the best arrangement for my diaper stand?
whats the easiest way to wash?
where do I buy - and whats the best prices?
What do I look for when buying?
How do we deal with long car rides?
can I make my own - reasonably easily?

Here are some of the links of sites I have been using to answer my questions:

fitted organic diaper kits

Calgary store

online used diapers

calgary cloth diaper addicts

used calgary


one size diaper


Kirsten said...

Great job for making the switch! I admire the cloth diaper mommas, I know it can be tricky. I know that Erica and Chris Hastings Adelparvar really got a good system worked out- maybe they have some info. Good luck! Tell me how it goes.
BTW, I really want to tell you about my dream!

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on using cloth diapers with my daughter and I found this website amazing: www.diaperswappers.com

I've purchase most of my diapers there and also wet bags and cloth wipes (and a wrap as well!). PPD means shipping included and most will ship to Canada for the same price.

I def. don't have it all figured out but I'm hoping to have some success. When are you due?


Lindsay said...

Gads, another comment. Is it my fault we have lots in common?!
Anyway, I own a store selling cloth diapers. www.babesinarms.ca. We also offer cloth diapering workshops. You're welcome to stop in or give us a call if you ever have any questions!
As for the ones you posted:
At night, there are a few that work exceptionally well. The one I like best is DreamEze. They come in a fitted or AIO, made with organic cotton. bumGenius AIOs or one-size pocket diapers also work great at night. For more options, try checking the reviews at www.diaperpin.com.
Not sure what you mean by diaper stand... sorry.
The diapers you get should come with washing instructions. Generally, the sequence from change to change goes like this: 1) remove wet/dirty diaper from baby, throw into pail if just wet, or poopy with breastmilk poop, or drop solids into toilet if poop is not strictly breastfed. There are flushable liners you can get for those especially gross times. 2) When getting low on diapers, or every 3 days or so, place diapers in washer, do a pre-soak with cold water, overnight if possible. You can add baking soda to this to fight odours. 3) Wash on warm or hot with 1/4 detergent, or with one of the "approved" detergents such as Claudia's Choices, Seventh Gen. Delicate Care, etc. 4) Do an extra rinse. Add vinegar to the first or second rinse if you used baking soda previously. 5) Hang to dry or place in dryer on medium. That's it!
There are lots of places to buy - our store, bo bebe, Gabby's outlet in the NE, lots of online stores (local ones include www.ecobabycanada.com and www.punkinheadkids.com). Or Diaper Swappers, as anonymous suggested.
The best price you'll find is pre-folds. Besides that, remember that like with anything else, you do get what you pay for. Keep in mind also that you can re-sell them after, or use them for the next child, and you have to factor that into the cost.
As for what to look for when buying.... loaded question. There are lots of answers to that. Try browsing around The Diaper Pin and reading articles online, and you should start to get an idea of what your personal concerns are. Feel free to e-mail me if you have specific questions.
You can deal with long car rides the same way as night-time. Any diaper you use that works for night-time should cut it for a car ride.
You can make your own, yes. I haven't and don't know much about this though. Check the forums at The Diaper Pin or Diaper Swappers, and you should be able to find the answers.
OMG - haha! I just noticed that "Calgary store" is me! Hee. That makes me feel all happy inside.
BTW, in case you're wondering how this crazy woman stumbled across your site, I was complaining on Facebook about not begin able to get chickens and a friend sent me a link to your letter.
Okay, I really am stopping now.

tired of smiling said...

hey, angie!
we should chat.
ailsa is potty training and rainee is in cloth. i was where you are now 9 months ago. I second diaperswappers as a resource, I bought all of mine off of there. I bought one of everything and finally settled on (gmd) prefolds because they are simpler in so many ways. I've also fallen for flats because they are so trim, and I love wool covers - pul is so plasicy. At night I put a newborn prefold inside a flat and use our biggest wool cover. It's the trimmest option I could find.
For long car rides a prefold inside a pul cover.

The hardest part is figuring out what to use. after that, actually using/washing them is easy.

If you'd like, come on over and I'll show you what I've got.