Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ticket to Ride, Lentils, ARE exams and C-Trains.

Hi all

It has been a busy week.

I have started studying for Methods and Material's exam. again. I am writing June 10, so any warm thoughts my way on that day would be great! I didn't realize how adding 14 hours of studying to my week, without removing any previous commitments would really make an impact. I have to move very slowly, practice Qi Gong, and my breathing (Oh, and take lots of Ignatia, Belladonna, and carbo-veg) to keep things from flying apart at the seams! Friday and Saturday were busy studying days, but Sunday and Monday we got down to some serious fun.

Mark bought a new board game called "Ticket to Ride". We played this four times on Saturday alone. We had a lot of fun with it, and I think it will be a game that will stick with our family for many years. I wish Marcel was old enough to play it, as the whole train image on the front has him thrilled! (Actually the game is very simple to learn, and hopefully it wont be long before he can play with us... )

Monday we had a lovely morning with our friends and rode the C-Train, all the way north and all the way south, and back, just to see the sights. Two little boys were very excited. We ate our lunch on the way, and pointed out all the people with umbrellas.

Then Monday night I made a lentil soup I was proud of. After discussions with my sister, and Jamie Oliver, I put together a soup that really tasted lovely, and I know I can make a part of our regular diet. I'm tired of eating pork or chicken every night, as I am totally off red meat (well, not on principle, just taste buds and pregnancy...) So I am looking to add beans and fish to our repertoire. I used to live off lentils, and I was happy with a simple lentil/onion mix, but the family's (and my) taste buds are more sophisticated these days. The soup I made is mostly based on Jamie's bean recipe in the book "Jamie at Home - Cook Your Way to the Good Life" . His recipe is for any type of beans, and I am so pleased about that. You basically boil the beans after soaking, with herbs,and veggies. Then I fried some onion (would be fantastic with pancetta... mmmm!) Then after beans are boiled soft, you strain them, take out the other goodies, mash them up and mix it together, with fried goodies, and some left over bean water, add some seasoning. With a little salt and yogurt, this one was worth two big bowls. Check out Jamie's book, for his detailed recipe... wow. Oh, I should add, Sunday I made his pork chops with baked carrots and beets. This is fast becoming a family favorite, as it is so delectable, and easy!

OK, that's the current update on the family life. Hope you are all well, thanks for the comments and encouragement - right now, I am having fun, and wondering where my energy is coming from - hey, maybe its you!

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Lindsay said...

That is a really fun idea for a rainy or cold day - to ride the C-Train north to south and back! We'll have to do that with Neko sometime. She would love it!