Thursday, May 22, 2008

montessori furniture for homes, sketch

Hi guys. Here are a couple sketches of some loose ideas I had for Montessori furniture for homes. I have been looking on sites that sell Montessori furniture, and as far as I can see all of it is meant for classrooms. It is not designed to fit into a home environment, where there is less room for furniture. In a home it needs to fit with the rest of the decor, and often serve multiple purposes.

For this reason I started thinking about a "kitchen" piece a "living" piece and a "grooming" piece. (sorry sketches of the grooming piece have yet to be drawn, but you get the idea - a place to sit, a mirror, tooth brush, water, face cloths and hair brush...all tucked away in a pretty box that fits on your stair landing...)

Now I know these are pretty sketchy, but the kitchen one is meant to serve as a seating bench, that could, after dinner transform so kids can wash and put away their own dishes. It could also be used for "wet" educational activities, when not needed as a bench.

The living one is meant to hold a lamp, and be a sort of low buffet or coffee table, but could have a roll-out little chair, and places for activites and books. It also can roll into the center of the room, and kids can stand around it to do their work.

Anyways, those are my ideas. I hope they inspire you. And if any of you know a cheap furniture maker for hire, I'm in the market!


Kamilla said...

Angie, I am so loving your ideas! All of them! Even the ones I haven't read thoroughly! Keep going! We can make our communities better.

Right now, this is the kind of thing I'm starting to think about, but don't know where to go with it or exactly how it all might work. It's inspiring and encouraging to see your thoughts and know that other people are out there working on this.

Calgary Urban Agriculture said...

Hello hello!
I was just thinking- you should check out the work of Andrea Zittel. She would be right up your alley:)