Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A baby chef!

Heres another tribute to the wonderful sister who has made Marcel a chef's hat and apron. After seeing this one I mentioned that Marcel may like one too, and voila! Here it is!

Although, I dont think he quite realizes what its for...(mommy, daddy, nor Jamie Oliver wear chef's hats...why would Marcel? I need to get some books showing chefs so he knows whats going on!)

He has been cooking and baking alot - in real life and in play. He started making blocks into cookies and putting them under the chair to cook - always for "6" (6 minutes...?) When they are ready we enjoy lego, blocks or bits of paper, magically transformed into hot choc' cookies. I think this focus on cooking has stemmed from us having Jamie Oliver on the imac in the background most evenings, and watching daddy and mommy really enjoy cooking.

So, with apron and hat ready, I've been inspired to create a little kitchen for Marcel... I wanted a Montessori wet activity station - but we havnt found quite the right elements, and so were starting to make do with what we have. So far its leading to a lot of great play!

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