Monday, June 30, 2008

a new(ish) bag, and a book!

We are having so much fun around here. I finally bought Amanda's book - The Creative Family. I have had in on hold for like two years...!
So, I havnt read all of it, maybe like a quarter of it. I am already inspired, and its ideas have coloured our activities around here. Firstly, I realized we hadnt been to our local thrift store in a while... so off we went. I had to snatch quick moments to shop,as the toy section was far too exciting for Marcel to leave. I realize I need to bring someone, then we can trade off thrifting while one watches kids...any avid thrifter out there want to come next time? I bought some fun stuff there...I will show and tell soon.

OK, back track. I'm going to post all my stories at once if I don't get a grip...first things first. A while back I mentioned my kid needs a bag... well, soon after his auntie made him one! It is so wonderful to have a sister that sews! This bag has become quite special to Marcel. He takes it to the mall with him. Often when we have a hard time getting out the door, we tell him to get his bag and put the toys in that he wants to bring...sometimes he goes and does this on his own. A little firetruck and a race car are the two favorites right now. They play "stuck!" that's when one gets stuck and the other car has to help rescue him. (I think this comes from watching Pixar's "cars" - so glad, that what he got out of our little regression into mass media!) Anyways, this is a big big thank you to Auntie for making the bag. It is well loved, and used, and I think makes for a really cool outfit! (He wont wear it over one shoulder - but around the neck as in the pics. Dont know why, but thats his style!

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