Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life keeps going!!!!

OH. Wow.
So much is going on in our little lives over here! Let me list them in no particular order...

1)baby is due in about a month. YIKES! I have yet to face the fierce demon that is the basement closet that I have been throwing boxes of too small clothes for the past two and a half years. I am scared, very scared.

2) I very well may have finished all my Architectural registration exams. Now this is a biggy for me. I havent found out if I passed the one I wrote on Tuesday, but I feel I did really well, and as its the second time I wrote it, I think odds are in my favor. That means, I have done 11 exams over the last couple of years. All I wrote either pregnant, breastfeeding, or giving up time with my beautiful boy to study. This whole exam thing is actually very unfair, and disproportionate to the payback for becomming an architect...(its actually harder in Canada and takes longer to be an architect than in the US. It takes longer to do this than to be a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer... and well, the rewards are not as motivating....a big problem in the architectural world, that needs to be addressed, I feel.) Anyways, for me personally this is a huge accomplishment, and it means I can focus more on doing things in my career that mean alot to me, rather than trying to get registered. It also means I can spend more time with my family. Giving up days with my son, having him cry during the week because he missed me, was by far the biggest biggest sacrifice I (and he) have made for anything. It would take a lot to get me to do that again!!!!

3)I have a sudden urge to play the recorder.

huh? the recorder??? Yes I know. I love the recorder. I learned to play it as a kid and there was a period of time that I went everywhere with a recorder in my pocket and played it constantly. I played at every school assembly (geek? I know.) I learned every song in every book I had. Now I dont really think I am a gifted musical person. I have a really hard time with sight reading. I really, really, want to play music, but I find it challenging...BUT, the recorder is so simple, and Ive played it so long, I have a fondness for it.

In university I decided to take up oboe. (thats after playing sax, and flute in the high school band...both pretty badly...) I just love reed instruments. Just the instrument itself, the way fingers are stretched over the keys, its awkward and beautiful. The intensity with which you have to blow, the extreme control in your embrasure. When you actually get a note out of that thing, its like zen, your whole body and soul just soars...and then when masters play it, with every note bang on, its just heaven. Oh, the oboe...

Anyways, playing the oboe nearly kills me. Its like weeks of duck sounding screetchy noises before you hear something pleasant, and with the whole sight reading difficulty, I find oboe just too challenging for this baby filled time in my life.
No, its time to pick up that recorder again.

And I think this time I need to get a Tenor recorder, and maybe learn the fingering for an Alto and bass. These instruments are so lovely when played together. Its an ancient sound. Ive seen some wooden ones on ebay for reasonable prices.

The other thing I need is to find people to play with. Anyone out there, like me, learn the recorder as a kid, and want to play again? Ive got some lovely 14th century lovely it would be to play together...

Anyways, thats another new obsession Im dealing with.

4)Um this post is too long. #4 will have to come later. It includes crafts, thrifting, spending quality family time, wondering what has happened to summer, mosquitoes, yoga swinging, New Zealand plans...and suburbia pdf's.

I think I need to write more regularly, or I get all clogged up like this.

I hope you are all well out there!

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Cameron D. said...

I used to play the recorder poorly. I don't come from a musical family by any means ... except when we play Rock Band!