Tuesday, July 08, 2008

link d'link link.

(above is a recent family pic...)

Hi all.

So I am cleaning out my favorites box, and realize there are some great links I have saved for myself that I want to share!

Firstly I got a haircut today. I have to remember to do that more often. It feels so nice to have hair that is, well...like...cut. So smooth and all that.

And so, heres a link to a really wicked activity idea...We are planning on going to NZ in december, and though it is many months away I am already thinking about that 2day plane ride, with a toddler and baby, that may kill us. I think this activity bag idea may be the ticket!

And then heres a recipe for baby wipe solution. cool. We will be cloth diapering it...might as well go all the way!

And then, I havnt been doing much crochet recently. I have the excuse that I've been busy, but the real truth is that I dont have the right supplies, nor the funds to really go out of my way to buy nice wool. I made many mitts out of merino wool that is so soft, but expensive! And, I want to make bigger things, but realize that I need to find a good source of material before that happens... Anyways, for when it does, I cant wait to make these socks!

OK, and for those of you not also addicted to the Angry chicken blog, I have also started washing my hair with only baking soda and vinegar. Ive been doing it for almost two months now, and well, its working out pretty well! I wouldnt say my hair is as nice as today out of the salon, but it is clean, healthy and easy to keep. And I only need to wash it like once a week! I even died it recently, and the colour looks great because my hair is so healthy. So there you go. Its also really cheap, and I dig the fact that I can use the same stuff to wash my hair, exfoliate my skin, and clean the tub! And I could eat it too! For details about how to wash your hair with Baking soda and vinegar, check out this website.

Actually, flipping through her blog, there are so many things in there that I have adopted! The rice cooking, the baking soda hair thing, the bread making, the arts and crafts...man, I should be paying her!

Shes got a great idea for baby clothes. This is totally my style, and I think that I may just do this for the next baby and get rid of the piles of stained hand-me-downs from big brother, and others. A simple tie-died wardrobe seems most appropriate...no?

Oh, and I am still meaning to make my own deoderant too.

I am in the market for one of these.. If you cant tell from the site its a high chair. I know a couple people who have it, and its great. I love that it could work for Mr. 2 year old, until baby can sit in it, then pass it on. It also looks nice, and doesnt trap food in it the way my current one does, and that totally grosses me out...

OK, I think thats enough stuff for one day. I gotta keep these things straight you know!

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Erika Hastings said...

What a beautiful family photo!