Monday, July 07, 2008

Play toy oven for toddlers!

Last weekend we had a little creative moment around here. Marcel has been second hand watching the Jamie Oliver show, and well, I guess its also common for kids his age to become interested in cooking...
Hes been cooking everything!...and I wanted him to have a cute little oven to make his muffins and cookies in. I dont have the room for a play kitchen nor the money to buy a beautiful wood one like I we improvised! I stapled a door to the bottom of our microwave stand from IKEA (staples on the inside so when we remove the door they will be invisible...) Also bought some knobs and a handle at Rona and Presto! A little oven to make muffins, cookies and whatever else this little guys heart desires! Muffin trays and little muffin papers are a lot of fun, but I am researching buying hand made - pretend food, (or trying to make some myself) because I think that its adorable, and would make such a nice toy around here.

I'll keep you posted!

OH, and in case you are in Canada, don't forget to POWER VOTE for Martin Kerr - Hes got a big challenge ahead, and we all want to see him in the top 10 on Canadian Idol! Vote 9:25 - 11:30 as many times as you can - its free! Thanks!

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Erika Hastings said...

Very cool!