Tuesday, August 19, 2008

bassinet lambskin - SnuggleWool

see see see what came in the mail yesterday? My new lambskin for the baby! We got this bassinet from the thrift store for $10. I love it, but it had this ugly ribbony thing all over it, which I quickly disposed of. And then I started looking for a lambskin for the babe. The reason I wanted one, is that they are supposed to be dry, warm in winter and cool in summer and hopefully help sleep. Also if I do some no-diaper madness, its the greatest thing because it keeps moisture away from baby and you can wash it. My friend had her babe on a lambskin diaperless at night, for months. But shes more diligent than me. I might just settle with clothies...(which by the way we have managed to collect 5 of...bum genius brand, they can highly recommended...I guess we'll find out!) For more diaperless info you can read this book. I have a few friends who have done it, to different levels of success - but all had babes potty trained much, much earlier than me!
Anywho - This lambskin I found from SnuggleWool. The idea was to find one small enough for the bassinet (as that also made it cheaper...) as we are going to NZ when babe is four months and then who knows where any one of us will be sleeping...I just need to tie us over till then. Also this lambskin is portable so, if (heres hoping) babe becomes attached to it, we can just pack it along.
In terms of cost it was reasonable - but then there's shipping. I always forget about than when buying over the internet. So that sucks. If you can buy one from a retail store its probably better...
OK, enough jabber - cant you just imagine my new little guy all snuggled up in there? It just looks dreamy - and how hes going to sleep for hours and hours, and wake up peaceful, we will all just bliss out in his lovely presence - I am so excited!

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