Monday, August 18, 2008


Its hot out. Many people complain. They say - "Oooooo how can you stand being pregnant in August - it must be so horrible this heat!" I have swollen feet. That sucks. But otherwise, I am more afraid of this summer whizzing by and leaving us all in a brown, dry, empty winter. I am panicking that we wont not get to swim, eat ice cream, go to the creek, play in the hose, enjoy our garden, sit like vegetables on the porch, have bar-b-ques, let the two year old run around naked, ummm, and all other most wonderfulls of summer happen. I am not too bad with this heat, I kinda like it...

Anyways, My friend sent me this lovely article about intentional communities and the economics of sharing. I think this will become less and less a "out there-hippie-idea" and more and more mainstream as the economy worsens. It just makes sense, and life isn't about having a lot of your own stuff, but, well, other things. What do we teach kids the moment they start to play with others..."SHARE!" A hard lesson to learn when you are 2. I think rest of us need to learn it too.

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Erika Hastings said...

I love all your paintings and sketches! They are so beautiful and inspiring!