Sunday, August 03, 2008

flour and water does not make shampoo

This is when I decided to make bread with Marcel. I usually give him his own flour to run his fingers through, to measure, and to basically spread all over the floor, over the table, and himself. It usually keeps him busy enough for me to mix and knead the dough. This time I thought...hmmm..he could use some water too, and make his own dough, and that would be even more fun, and keep him engrossed. Engrossed he was. While I kneaded away, I looked up to him saying...look mommy - wash hair!
And yup, the new watery flour mixture somehow, to him, seemed like the perfect material to wash ones hair with.
He looked pretty funny. He also had the mixture all over him and the table and floor, so we sorta got that cleaned up and snapped some photos. The funny thing is, I had no idea how hard it would be to get this stuff out of his hair! Firstly, he hates having hair washed, and now I had to do it like 6 times...and still the dough just sort of globbed up. I tried pulling on the globs, combing, rewashing. Anyways, as his hair dried it sort of went all crusty. for a week. And then I cut it all off. My first lesson in hair cutting.

Anyways, he looked cute, and I thought the funniest was when the stuff started to dry on his face and pull his skin tight. His expression was priceless!

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