Monday, August 04, 2008

my new favorite corner

(um, no thats not my favorite corner, but it may be one of may favorite historical buildings in Calgary and my most favorite sunday morning location to hang out!) This weekend the sister and brother in law came to be with us. We have had a lovely time. We visited our favorite spot (my personal highlight)

We visited the yarn store and got some wool, that is worthy of being made into some long mitts...oooh its gorgeous. We ate a lot. I made an apple J.O. (Jamie Oliver) pie, but couldn't stay up long enough to eat it! Everyone else will tell you how it was...

The kids (my siblings) painted my wall brown for me! Its so awesome!

I am just loving the colour. Its sort of a reddy clay brown. That could be a little muddy, but I love it next to the blue we did in the kitchen. We are painting this house one wall at a time, and its frustratingly slow, but I feel its the only way to do it while everything is so crazy. I just have to do a wall, and sit back and appreciate it...(not obsess over the fact that the wall next to it look glaringly unfinished and, awful.) Oh well.

Anyways, I got distracted. I started this post to tell you all about my new favorite spot (see photo). Yup, that's it. Being like 8.5 months pregnant, I'm spending a lot of time sitting, in a big chair in the living room (that has nearly become.."my" chair.) I don't have room for a studio, but I have found that since finishing work, I really need a space to call my own. When I would go to work, I would have my desk, my computer, my calendar, and I would organize my life right there...Because there was some sense of order, and time to look at google calender and realize the doctors appointments I had missed, the six things I didn't do over the weekend, the phone calls I forgot to make...and then, I could reschedule, write apologies, and post-its to myself for next weekend. BUT - at home, it is a vast vacuum of time, that everything falls into. I cant remember things. I miss out on doing the things I want because I cant remember what they are. unbelievable? no, its true! Lets just say it was so...UNTIL! The new chair. Now I have my computer right here...I keep my recorder here too, so I can sit a whistle away. I have some water color paper in case inspiration hits, my crochet basket beside me. I have a little prayer book for reflection, and well, lets just say I really only have to get up to go to the bathroom, and to eat...unfortunately.

So. I am spending time here, we also have a basket of kids books to read my son, some of his toys here, and its right in the living room, so I can be with him while doing my own thing. I think in the next few months I will be spending a lot of time here..not with my computer, but nursing my bubba. life is GOOD!

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