Thursday, August 07, 2008

a new worm house

I am very sad to say we are on our second round of worms. We had the first lot for over a year, and they were well fed, and happy for most of it...but their house was too moist and when I finally gt around to building this new one, and transferring them, they had already perished. I was very sad, but am happy to say their lives were not in vain, as the soil and their little bodies were buried int he front garden, where our tomatoe plant are flourishing!

This second batch should fare much better. I have put holes in the rubbermaid at the top and the bottom, and included mesh and bolts to lift it from the ground and provide air circulation. I hope that this makes for a happy home. We have had our wrigglers for a week, and they seem to be faring well.

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Cameron D. said...

Our worms perished too :(

Not sure what we did to them ... maybe overfed ... poor air circulation ... I don't know.
We still have to do something with what remains ... if it's even usable.

We kind of did what you are doing now, except we didn't have the bolts to elevate it. That might work better.