Sunday, August 10, 2008

rivers, peace and potty training

Now this is a mom's life. Dad and child are at the zoo, while I wait, by the river, with a backpack of every little hobby I love, to keep me totally enraptured while I wait. Let me tell you what I have in my bag of tricks this morning, as I watch airplanes over head, and listen to the soft murmur of the Bow river. I have my laptop. (which I am using right now....) my most recent crochet project, my camera that I am learning to use better, some water colour paper, a brush a jar and some paints, a journal and a pen. Yup, I think that is all I need to survive (except my recorder which I am loving playing, but I just couldn't bring myself to play in public... a pregnant woman playing her recorder by the river, though totally perfect in my mind, just may be pushing this whole idyllic thing a bit far...) Ooooo, there's a little duck come to greet me. Sigh, this is awesome.

I have some amazing news. Well, amazing for me, you all may not really care...but this is stellar in my mind. WE ARE POTTY TRAINED!!! OK, now not exactly, like totally and completely...but I am aware of 2 year old progress and regress patterns and in my mind , having a child who wears underwear, and no diapers during the day and asks to go to the potty when he has to, is a miracle!
(wow, there's a gang of pelicans over there...) So, accidents WILL happen, (and trust me they do) There are still to be those moments in the mall, or in the car where, kid has to go, and there's no potty in sight. He's not able to go – BEFORE – we get in the car etc...but I figure these are all things to be accomplished over time. Right now we're are just celebrating. Fact is, we have done this in four days. I wouldn't have believed it, but so far so good. I have wanted to do this earlier, but with me working it was impossible. I would've done the no diaper thing from a baby if I was more organized, or done it all more gradually, but life is like that, and I just wanted to get things rolling before number 2 comes along. So, even though we have talked a lot about the potty, have explained things over and over, not until this week have we actually done anything about it...And so here is what I did:

Ummm. Well, I just put underwear on him Tuesday morning, and that's it. I dealt with messes for two days, but always stayed positive, I didn't say anything other than.. “oops, you got your pants all wet, lets go the the potty and clean up” or something. On the third day he asked to use the potty, and so far he's asked every time (though lots of times we've not made it in time...I keep underwear and pants in a basket by the bathroom and he can choose his clean pants to wear each I don't have to run upstairs looking for a change of clothes 6 times a day...little by little - right?)

OK I know this is tedious, but for me I am on cloud nine. Its like my son just won the Nobel Peace Prize...or something. I am so proud of him!

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