Saturday, August 16, 2008

turning point

When we visited Canmore a few weeks ago, it really felt like a turning point in our lives. A little break between one life, and another. Between life with one baby, to a life with a boy and a babe. Life a of a working mom, to a home mom.
An now a couple weeks later those changes have become our reality. My boy has been potty trained (amazing), and goes to bed easier. We have made preparations for the babe, down to packing for the hospital, organizing closets, ordering lambskins from the internet...and I feel so much more connected with my boy. I realize now that our madness over the last months has been so much related to the fact we were dealing with an exhausted boy. We were just surviving through the three days I worked, because it was simply impossible to get him to bed early enough, when he was waking at 6:30...Our routine has settled in, and my boy has started to blossom. Its is such a joy to see. Not that I regret that I worked, and completed my exams, those are accomplishments I value. But I am so enjoying this little reward!

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tired of smiling said...

Oh, I so hear you, angie!
A became a lot less shy when I started staying home. And she stopped biting her nails. Now we're at the other end of that and thinking of going back to work, and how to do that gracefully.
Any suggestions??

Enjoy this time with your boy and the relative quiet before the baby comes.