Wednesday, October 29, 2008

dresses are great

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dressing as a Mamma is not easy. You just keep changing sizes. You have no idea if you will return to your old size or if you will remain at the new one. Your breasts change, your hips change, and then there's that belly to deal with. Each belly may even be different, when some maternity clothes dont always fit the same. Its not easy. In some ways I can see why women the the past wore big dresses. they can accommodate a changing mid section, and are comfortable to sit in when you have pressure from a baby in the womb. It may be time to return to the Jane Austin dresses of old. A wool dress over petty coats and tights is amazingly warm, and quite comfy. (I experiences this while in Bath last year). Although, there is the problem of nursing in a dress, which has only recently been solved by the trend of wearing pants under a dress. This means you can just hoist up yo' dress any time you need to feed your bubba. Works for me!

I just bought wool tights. And I dont fit any of my old dresses. Of course I NEED new ones, but then there's that age old problem - er money? So, I may have to learn to sew, visit my thrift store, or find some fall sales. But wool tights - how you are so lovely. I got them at SEARS, wool, cotton and nylon. Oh so warm and stretchy! not scratchy.

If I had my way though, I'd get dresses from Wiksten, and uniform studio, and all handmade ones from Etsy. A lady can dream cant she?

Anyways, heres a tribute to the dress:

Dress, Oh dress,

you are one piece, and dont require a skirt (but can go with one, or with pants...)
you are easy to put on, and when big enough you hide my bulges
Dress, you are pretty and cute, and also so sophisticated
Dress, you are convenient and work in all seasons.
Oh dress, how I wish I had more of you.

OK, thats enough of that. Bye.


melanie said...

I'm with you - I was actually dress shopping today with my Mum (it's my Christmas present) for a dress for an upcoming Xmas party and wedding we have to go to. I pretty much hated everything since I didn't want anything Black or Frou Frou-y. I did find an amazing dress $100 off at Banana Republic but I was really considering going to Cat's Eye Vintage (which I may still do) and buy something cool. Since my body too is still trying to figure out what it wants to do post-baby AND since I never like to spend much money on anything shopping is even more of a chore than usual.

I do love dresses though. Love them!

mammacomic said...

good luck finding a dress melanie! Banana republic is really nice - they have nice dresses?I should check it out. I am really loving the wrap around dress - as it grows with you, and a short potatoe sack style over pants...and Im with you, Im not a big spender! Especially on clothes!

Anonymous said...

Last time around, with Diego, I decided I wouldn't buy any new clothes until he was about 6 months (which was when I was back to pre-pregnancy size with Isabela). Alas, I never made it back to my pre-pregnancy size with Diego. And so now you're bringing up good issues for me. Stuck between the gap of the no longer fitting pregnancy clothes and the no longer fitting pre-pregnancy clothes.

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