Tuesday, January 20, 2009

home from the conference

man, oh man. We are home, and the whirlwind just keeps on going!

So the last post was a few weeks ago. It literally has taken that long to get ourselves back on our feet. We had imagined a Christmas holiday of crafts, sleigh riding and other winter fun. Sadly it mostly consisted of lying on the couch wishing for a less painful death. Ah...the flu.

But, gratefully we came out the other side, rested and ready for adventure! Emery, Mark and I went to Vancouver this weekend for a Baha'i conference. The entire city was engulfed in a foggy cloud for the whole time we were there...it was gorgeous, and a little mysterious. (see these pics from a vancouver blogger who captured the fog so wonderfully...) I loved being in that city, the big lights and action. It felt like I was being let out of a cage for a moment. In terms of the conference it was wonderful to see old friends, though I really wish I could have had more time with some friends from Vancouver - especially you fellow bloggers (you know who you are!:)) But it felt as though we have been working so hard in the trenches in a battle for years now, and this little conference was like being brought into a meeting of the generals and commanders and we got to see the big picture for a second. To see the whole layout of folks all over the country working together for a common goal. Its really inspiring. I am excited to be helping a group of mom's in Aridrie (a nearby community) to work with children and support their already awesome community activities.

I also had a chance to visit with a old friend from university, who I love and miss so much and wish I could see more.

All in all it was a wonderful trip.

In the day I got home I finished this painting. Its a lot bigger than the others and a refreshing break from the rigid composition I had been using. I am not sure about it all still, but I think of it as a chance to play.


ella said...

we are still engulfed in thick fog here and loving it. i can't recall so many consecutive days of fog. you're lucky you were here for it.

Cameron D. said...

Love the painting. To me it seems to speak of the hard work to a better future & why we need to get there.

Kirsten said...

Beautiful painting Angie! Love the yellow. I see two modes of generating power- wind power, human biking power. Glad to hear you made it to the conference. The dense coast calls me everyday...it never goes away. I want to be held inside a fog and grounded by the ocean. I miss cedar trees.
I'll call you today and maybe we can set up a play date with the kids....your kids and the big kid inside me and you:)

Roxy said...

Wow I really love this painting!

Mary said...

I love this painting too, and I loved holding little Emery. Your virtue sun is such a good idea!

Hoogli art said...

I can't believe I only saw the back of your head for 30 mins the whole time you were here! Well, that is kids and a busy conference weekend I guess! great job painting up a storm and raising a family angie! You are amazing woman.

Anonymous said...

So great to have seen you, even though it was only a quick hello, passing by on the street! Hopefully we'll have a better visit another time.