Sunday, January 04, 2009

warning! this post may be contageous.

Oh. wow. we are sick.

I mean sicky-sick sick, sick. You know, the kind where you start to write silliness in your blog.

We fell like solders, first Marcel, then me, then mark, then the baby. And then we were all so sick we couldn't even complain to each other. We've been quarantined here for a week now and we may be getting a little loopy. apologies.

Its a version of the flu that involves a fever, achy pains, a chest cough and nasal congestion. And it sticks around for ages. In my past experience Marcel would always heal faster than all of us, and would have a fever for a couple days max, but this is going on 5 days and he is still a scrubby, snotty, wet, sad, droopy, mess.

We have currently turned the entire house into a steam room. We have three huge pots of water boiling on the stove and we're walking around coughing and sniffing in a warm, hazy, steamy, glorious, cloud. Its actually kind of lovely. Too bad its the first warm day in weeks outside and we cant enjoy it. Oh yeah, and too bad yesterday was Marcel's birthday and we were all too sick to do anything other than sleep, watch way too much TV and feel sorry for ourselves.

Anyways. I'm hoping this steam will promote the draining process and we will all feel better soon. Now is the time I really wish I knew Dora from "the birth house" I'm sure she would know what to do! Back in the day folks died of the flu... glad thats not any more...

I'd better get back to being sick now... but in the last week Ive discovered a way to burp the babe that works so well I'm gonna share it, also a way to put him to sleep that doesn't require getting out of bed, and some other thoughts about sickness and health. So stay healthy out there, and enjoy the fresh air for me!

I had to include the pics above because we have been so delighted in how much Emery is showing his adoration for his big brother... and we feel this is a good thing, as the love coming back at him could, well, be rather painful.


Cameron D. said...

Happy Birthday Marcel!

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