Wednesday, April 15, 2009

getting warmer

Its warmed up and we are bike riding again. We have a double bike trailer that is actually a miracle in itself. When we bought it Marcel was still a baby and we were wondering if we should buy a double or just a single for him. We were considereing having another kid, but you know, so much can happen in between . You wonder: will you actually have two kids the right distance apart that they can both sit together?

...but then, a few years later and there it is.

They sit so comfortably together, Marcel explaining the sights to Emery as they roll along. its so adorable...

I want to make a website that is a content base for creative sustainability. Since my class was today I wanted to choose a name and have a site ready...


my domain name is;

"Lilac Window"

This name is personal. It conjures a fragrance that inspires me. It inspires an image of home, warmth and beauty. Mark says its a bit feminine, but hey, thats cool.

I'll link it up once its ready.

Its going to be much more organized and specifically about sustainability and creativity. I want to write and promote articles and information on that topic. I also want to have information about education, and the courses I want to offer.


Bruce Rout said...

Lilac Window ... very cool.

tired of smiling said...

Can't wait to see it!

Choosing names for things can be so difficult... I'm sure the hardest part's over.