Sunday, May 03, 2009

blog therapy

The pic is my sister and brother in Bath. You can go too, and have a costume tailored by her included in the deal. Yeah, its pretty cool. Bath, in September...

so I am here for some blog therapy.

It has been so busy around here. A little too busy. I keep thinking of blog posts I want to write, and then I think - "hmmm, I should really be working on my other blog", and then I think "hmmm, I should really be working on all the house projects I've started"... and theres that painting, and then the garden, and then the crying baby who has learned to crawl, (and is, what I like to call, "a maniac in diapers"...seriously, its insane!)

So, there are the comical things going on around here - like the husband trying to jimmy the broken baby gate to the bottom of the stairs to keep little em' land locked...and of course the rest of us nearly killing ourselves as we try to clamber over it.

Theres the ingenious - where I actually make yogurt on the crock pot with this recipe here... and it actually worked. I have started eating yogurt with my quinoa every day and you would be amazed at how fast I go through it. And this is an issue for two reasons -

1) is that its getting expensive,

2) that the yogurt containers are piling up-like mountains high - and in Calgary there's no where to recycle them! (OK, you can recycle them if you have a blue box program which we do - but did you know that they ship them ALL to CHINA where they are then recycled in a very expensive and un-hippy-happy way??!?! read this article for verification...)

Soooo, hence the homemade yogurt. I reuse glass jars, and really what is prettier than a glass jar of home made yogurt ready to eat with my quinoa?? really, what is? no..I mean...really...

OK, and on the yogurt topic, I have stopped buying bread. because I want to stop eating it. But its hard. And we all like a little melted butter and honey with our tea once in a while...(or maybe a few times in a while...) and can you imagine that scenario without the bread?!?!! - STICKY! I tell you!


I make these biscuits where, in a bowl, I magic up some flour, baking soda, baking powder, crushed flax seed and other bits I can find. In another bowl I mix up an egg, and yogurt and mix it with the dry stuff, till its just wet, then add cheese. Cook on 425 for 12 mins.

yeah, Im not so good on details. but we have these everyday, and so one cant be fussy. Sooooo good with butter and honey with tea. (when you have no bread in the house they also become, sandwich holders, burger buns, peanut butter know, whatever!)

then there's the dahl I made, which tastes so much better with yogurt...and the chipates which are better made with yogurt too. I am nearly out of the first yogurt batch already!

OK, so enough already - (even if I didnt get in the home renovations, the camping trips planned, the amazing kids who just dont class at Momentum...the coming latest paintings... but all that will have to wait, its time to get out the bikes...)


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