Sunday, August 06, 2006

comic two

So, that one went so well I decided to draw another one. Again about sleep - go figure. This one got a lot of positive response. I like that it makes moms feel like heros, even if they are exhausted! I posted it on my favorite forum - the babywearer and it was well recieved. this also gave me the idea that I could sell posters. Granted I know its a little far fetched, but anything to help wit the finances is good! Also I cant exactly see myself making a whole book for a long time, and maybe someone would like a pic of an awesome mom to frame and remind them that even superheos have to breasteed. Anyways, DH can print them really nice on his wicked colour laser at work and we can make nice posters. I can even sign them. (this makes them much more valuable on the comic book black market). Posted by Picasa

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