Tuesday, July 03, 2007

judge a book by its...

I bought a book today. I know some of you don't think that's a big deal, trust me...it is. I dont really buy books... for two reasons: 1) I was brought up to believe that books are things you read and then return to the library to get more. 2) we have hundreds of graphic novels just lying around the house that I want to read, but never have the time...But when it takes a year to read one book, the two week library limit is too frustrating (and expensive when the fines roll in)...and I decided that since I never have time to read, that I deserve to read. As a treat.
Those of you who are very astute may have noticed, this morning I put out a call for suggestions. By the time lunch rolled around no one had yet written to me. How dissapointing! So I summond my reserve and said - "Enough! Im off to McNally's to buy a book."

but then...
the bookstore...
so many books!
And every one with a really good picture on the front (if you dont know I always judge a book by its cover). So I've decided, I am going to read, read, read. I am going to get through every one of those beautifully covered books that I possibly can. (which means I may have to forego this season of Smallville, 24, Battlestar Galactica and Heros. But sacrifices must be made!)

I couldn't choose form all that wonder, so I went off a colleagues suggestion. (Thanks Kerri for suggesting it- and especially Erin for loving it).

I got "The Time Traveller's Wife" Apparently everyone else has already read it, as the clerk and store assistant both loved it...YAY! I can't wait till tonight, when bubba has hit the hay, and I can have a cup of green anti-oxident tea (in those china cups Mahsa and Nabil gave us) and snuggle with my matted cat, and read my new fat book. (I love that theres lots of pages, although the type setting is too far spaced for my tase, but, again, sacrifices must be made...) and the cover is quite appealing!


Tara Rout and said...

Oh, I will bring you some books when I see you next. Really good ones. And you can keep them as long as you want for free! No fines or anything. Martin and I are currently reading "The Colony of Unrequited Dreams" which is quite good. I read it several years ago and really liked it. So I read it to Martin at night before bed.

Cam and Michelle said...

I've some reading suggestions for you:

'Blessed Unrest' by Paul Hawken (don't have this one yet but it sounds interesting...about the 'unconscious', massive, world environmental/social justice movements and harnessing it's power. Check out my blog: http://an-cam-dubh.blogspot.com/2007/06/i-estimate-today-that-there-are-between.html

'In Praise of Slow' by Carl Honore(about Slow movements in the world, slow food, etc. You can borrow it from me.)

'Race Against Time' by Stephen Lewis (about AIDs emergency in Africa. You can borrow from us.)

Those are non-fiction..for fiction:

'You Shall Know Our Velocity!' by Dave Eggers. (We have this one.)

You said you'd be interested in Salman Rushdie, I've plenty of his books to choose from.