Wednesday, September 05, 2007

crochet happens...

well, there goes any thought of will power. I was trying soooo hard to hold off till december - but I couldnt stand it! My hands started twitching and I woke up friday morning, and jut magically found myself at Micheals - looking at yarn! AAH!. so I started a little early. I taught myself the chain stitch, the single and double chain stitch and then I chain stitched myself into exhaustion all weekend. I made a neck cozy for the hubby, a little purse for the sister, and I made a cozy for the medicine which I didnt photograph yet. Also missing from the set is a little card wallet I havnt sewn buttons on yet. Im having so much fun!...but those NCARBS...rrrg.

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Cam and Michelle said...

Dear Mammacomic,

I'm really enjoying my subscription to Mammacomic. Your title on this post had me laughing at work! (I showed my mom some of your crochet work & she was really impressed.)

27 years old