Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jamie's best pork chop

Its 7:00.
Late for us. 
Mark and Marcel are in the living room, I am up to my eyes in cream, mustard and chard. The potatoes are pretty much cold, as are the pork chops and then the babe begins to cry. He's slightly delirious having missed his nap at day home, and missing his mom. He starts crying for any random reason, and Im getting frantic. I decide to give up of the cream sauce, and serve it as is. I feel defeated, tired and sad. My perfect dinner has fallen very short of my dreams. I feel like a really mean mom, selfish in my crazy panic to make the most delicious meal ever.  

I flash back, to my lunch hour, when the crazy thought occurs to me that I can bus across town, buy the extra ingredients I need, and bus back to work all in an hour. At the other crazy thought, that if I mix whipping cream and butter milk, warm it in the lunch room microwave and let it sit by my desk all afternoon, that it may be an OK substitute for Creme Freche. At the final crazy thought, that I, an inexperienced crock pot woman should think it possible to make this gourmet dinner, in the few minutes between arriving home, and, well, Hell.

What was I thinking?

I serve up Marks meal. He says it looks good. Im disappointed, but too fed up to care.

And then...

And then I take a bite.

Oh. my.

I take another.

Oh, my Oh my. This is amazing.


I have never. NEVER. in my entire life made something that tasted this good. wow.

To my untrained tastebuds this came close the meal that I cried at when my brother took me to bistro piq niq for my birthday. It was that good.

the sauce, was runny and soaked in the potatoes, and the salty pork, with the fruity sauce mixed with the red chard. well, its an experience, not an essay. I want you all to try it. (Being as you aren't vegetarian... unless you are like my sister who is vegetarian, but will eat bacon on special occasions, cuz everyone needs a vice. I'd say you can make an exception here, if you are so inclined...)

Anyways, Jamie, you hit the nail on the head. And if I had chilled out about the sauce not thickening, the whole thing could have been made in half an hour or so. Definitely an after work possibility.

OK, sorry about all the food talk. You have to forgive me. Im pregnant remember?

So get some pork, and a few fancy ingredients and spoil yourself. ..we did!

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Mark Hebert said...

Ok, looks like we should have some more Best Pork Chops!